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What Exterior Grading?

Exterior grading residential construction

Exterior grading refers to the slope of the ground from the foundation of the house outward.

Per North Carolina building code, lots must be graded to drain surface water away from foundation walls. Soil must slope a minimum of 6 inches downward within the first 10 feet.

Exceptions include where lot lines, walls, slopes or other physical barriers prevent the above. In such cases, drains or swales shall be installed to ensure drainage away from the structure. Impervious surfaces, such as concrete, must slope at least two

percent away from the building.

Proper grading is important to help prevent crawl space or basement water entry. And, over a long period of time, water accumulating against the foundation, including slab houses, can cause damage to the foundation.

This has been an NC requirement for decades but sometimes is not followed when houses are constructed.

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