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Whether you are buying or selling a home, Clear Choice Home Inspections is committed to
providing exceptional value. Our expertise provides crucial information, enhancing confidence in
your decision-making. Our residential inspections surpass the standards set by the NC Home
Inspector Licensure Board, ensuring thorough and reliable assessments. Additionally, we
proudly offer Military Discounts as well as Police, Fire, EMS and Teacher Discounts.

Our Inspections Cover:

  • Home structural components

  • Roof (including all penetrations such as skylights)

  • Gutters and downspouts

  • Decks, porches, walkways and their railings

  • Site grading and drainage

  • Foundations, crawlspaces and basements

  • Signs of water penetration and foundation movement

  • Heating and cooling system tests

  • Garage doors and their safety sensors

  • Insulation and general home ventillation (attic and crawlspace)

  • Main water shut-off valves

  • Water heating system

  • Plumbing, fixtures and faucets

  • Exterior water spigots 

  • Functional flow of water (test well pump)

  • Home structural components

  • Roof (including all penetrations such as skylights)

  • Roof vents, flashings and trim

  • Exterior Siding

  • Radon testing (extra fee)

  • Permanently installed kitchen appliances

  • Functional flow of water (test well pump)

  • Attics

  • Chimney exterior and structure

  • Windows and doors

  • Floors, walls and ceilings

  • Sump pumps

  • Electrical service meter box, panels, breakers and fuses

  • Main electrical service disconnect and service amperage

  • GFCIs and AFCI circuits

  • Fireplace damper door, hearth and firebrick (where visible)

  • Much more...

Inspections We Offer

New construction kitchen

New Home

  • Identify potential issues in newly constructed homes

  • Inspect for faulty electrical circuits, gaps in flashing, siding, and roofing

  • Meticulously examine plumbing, insulation, latching problems, and framing issues

  • Uncover surprises in your new home

Inspector on a ladder

11-Month Builder

  • Uncover surprising issues in homes even just a year old

  • Adhere to Raleigh North Carolina Home Inspector's Licensure Board standards

  • Go beyond standards with additional tests and evaluations

  • Ensure your home is in top condition with our inspections

Interior wall framing


  • Focus on evaluating the crucial structural framework before finishing touches are applied

  • We diligently assess framing components to meet industry standards

  • Leave no detail unchecked in placement of beams, joists, and wall framing

  • Ensure your building meets high-quality standards

Clear Choice Home Inspections new kitchen



  • Offer unbiased evaluation of home maintenance needs

  • No affiliations with maintenance or repair services for impartial assessment

  • Comprehensive reports covering all aspects of your home

Arial Roof Photo Showing our Drone Inspection


  • Swift and efficient evaluations using drones

  • Unique perspective for hard-to-reach areas

  • Capture high-resolution images for a thorough examination

  • Save time and resources with drone inspections

Radon Testing equipment

Radon Testing

  • Use advanced electronic radon testing methods

  • Follow EPA testing protocols meticulously

  • Provide precise and reliable results

  • Ensure accurate insights into your home's radon levels

Water sampling

Well Water Testing

  • Tailored well water testing options

  • FHA testing, bacteria testing, lead, nitrate, nitrites analysis

  • Comprehensive contaminant analysis for in-depth assessment

  • Meet your specific well water testing needs

Septic tank and box exposed


  • Comprehensive inspections covering every aspect of septic system functionality

  • Assess tank condition, check for leaks, inspect baffles

  • Evaluate the efficiency of your septic system

  • Ensure the health of your septic system

Termite Damage in wood


  • Guard your home against the hidden threat of termites and other wood-destroying insects

  • Thorough approach to assess your property against termites, to assist in providing protection from costly

  • We can also provide insect treatment options along the inspection

Pricing & Fees

We pride ourselves on thorough Home Inspections, employing a proven process to uncover hidden defects. Realtors, pest inspectors, and seasoned home buyers commend our detailed reports. While others may offer lower prices, consider the value of our meticulous service on a significant investment.


Fees are based on home size and age. Larger and older homes require more time for inspection and report writing. We accept checks, cash, Zelle, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.


A home inspection is a time-consuming, detailed process when done correctly. We commit to thoroughly inspecting your potential home.

For a firm Home Inspection quote, call (919) 271-0402. Prices won't increase after arriving at the inspection site. Contact us via phone or e-mail by clicking here.

Special Offers

Clear Choice Home Inspections is currently offering $50 off our regular prices to all active duty members of the US Military. This is our way to thank those making sacrifices for all of us. We also offer a $20 discount to all Police, Fire and EMS employees as well as a $20 discount to teachers. Call now to schedule an appointment: (919) 271-0402 or send an E-Mail by clicking here.

Safeguard your investment.
You deserve Clear Choice Home Inspections.

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