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Don't Just Go For The "Cute Little House"

Typical home for sale

"But it's just so cute!" How many times have you heard a perspective homebuyer describe a house as cute, great condition, perfect, etc? How many times have you said that?

My name is Jayme Clarke and I am a full-time licensed NC home inspector. I have heard those comments countless times. Sadly though, some people forgo a home inspection because the house is so cute and nice appearing.

Recently, I inspected one such home. It had been recently renovated, had a brick exterior, new hardwood floors, new roof, new interior paint, new carpet, new kitchen and bath counters, new cabinets, new appliances, etc. This house looked absolutely beautiful...until I entered the crawl space.

There I found entire floor supports (joists) that were half disintegrated due to termite

damage. Someone had nailed new boards beside the original but the quality of

work was suspect. Further investigation revealed that much of the band joist and

sill plate (major support structures) along the front of the house had been

significantly consumed by termites.

The buyer was heartbroken at my findings. However, to be heartbroken is much

better than to be flat broke from the thousands of dollars worth of repairs this

home needed.

Who would have known these major structural problems could

exist in such a "perfect" little home?

A home inspection pays for itself 99% of the time. Even on brand new

construction, I often find problems that need to be addressed.

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