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Cracks In Your Slab Foundation

Concrete slab foundation cracks

A recent home inspection that we completed was on a concrete slab house that was built in 2004. The house looked pretty good but had a few major problems.

For one, the heat pump would only function in auxiliary or “emergency” heating mode. This could be something as simple as a capacitor, bad thermostat or a major problem like

a failed compressor.

The second significant problem was the presence of an approximately 1/2”-wide crack at

the front and adjoining side (each crack was about 6’ from the front corner). A crack is

an indication of movement and as a Clayton Home Inspector, we cannot predict when the

movement occurred nor can we predict if it will occur in the future.

Now, when we entered the interior, we noted an approximate 1/2” drop in the floor at the

front corner of the house running from crack-to-crack (as matched up to the outdoor

cracks). So, a triangle-shaped section of the foundation had dropped.

Culprits contributing to this structural problem?A gutter downspout was dumping at the

foundation right at the front corner – this could cause movement of the soil below the

slab foundation. Regardless, a structural engineer was called in for evaluation and repair


A home inspection in Clayton, NC (and all other areas near Raleigh, NC) is so important

– even on a home that is just a few years old.

A $400 home inspection potentially saved this buyer nearly $10,000.

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