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Common Issues with Synthetic Stone Veneer

Cultured stone veneer problems

This material has been quite popular in the Triangle and surrounding areas. When builders first began using it (and often still) little thought was given to what might happen if moisture got behind the veneer. Nor was there thought given to keeping the moisture from getting back there.

During our Raleigh home inspections, we look closely at this material and possible moisture problems. During a recent home inspection on a new $1M home, we noted quite a few concerns.

One concern area is where a lower roof intersects a house sidewall - such as when a garage roof joins a two-story house wall. Proper flashing must be provided here to keep water from getting into/behind the synthetic stone veneer.

During our home inspection, this house was lacking proper flashing at this juncture. Water behind the veneer can infiltrate the building paper behind it and attack the framing, potentially resulting in major structural damage.

A home inspection is a very valuable service for both old and new houses. For additional information, contact Clear Choice Home Inspections and schedule an appointment today.

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